Meet Bubbbbalicious.


-Hometown: NYC, baby!

-Birthday: March 28, 2018

-Where did your name come from? My mama. It just felt right.

-How would you describe your style? It's not style, it's a way of life. I try to keep it effortlessly cool with a streetwear edge, always. I'm a New Yorker, it's a vibe.

-Who influences your style? Riri, duh!

-Biggest fear? Being left alone.

-Favorite snack? Stella & Chewys, they're my absolute jam!

-Biggest human pet peeve? People not respecting my paw-sonal space.

-Goals for 2018? Break the internet (Kim K style).

-Shoutouts? Mamalicious + papalicious--bless you. Also, shout out to my followers, y'all continue to inspire me!

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